Affordable Text Messaging for Golf Courses

  • Open rates as high as 98% - Much higher than Email and Push Notifications
  • Great Pricing! Plans as low as $15.00/month + $0.01 per message
  • Reponse rates almost immediate!
  • Members/customers simply fill out a custom, supplied web form to join your list
  • Use multiple keywords for different lists (Members, Committees, Staff, etc.)
  • Members/customers simply text "stop" to stop receiving messages, "start" to resume
  • Scan QR Codes to subscribe
  • Import an existing list or start building a new one
  • Authorize multiple users/numbers to broadcast messages directly from their phones
  • Affordable plans start at just $15/month
  • No setup fee / no long term committment

How it Works
  • You complete our simple signup form
  • We gather your course info and primary contact details
  • We determine how many lists you require
  • We create keyword(s) for your list(s)
  • We collect the phone number(s) of your authorized sender(s)
  • We create and send you QR codes for each list(s) to facilitate subscription
  • We procure you a local SMS number
  • You distribute the keyword(s) and/or QR Codes to your members/customers
  • Customers/Members simply fill out an opt-in form to join your list
  • Customers/Members simply text "stop" to stop receiving messages, "start" to resume
  • Authorized senders broadcast a message to the list by simply texting their pin number, list name and message to your number
  • Messages, users, lists, etc. can also be managed from our web app.

SMS Marketing Plans

In order to comply with carrier and regulatory standards all SMS marketing plans have both a maximum number of daily recipients and a maximum list size. For example, a golf course could have a "member" list with 500 subscribers and a "board" list with 20 subscribers. If the course sent a message to both lists on the same day, the total daily recipients would be 570. The cost for sending both messages would be $5.70. The course could send additional messages that day to other lists as long as the total recipients stays below the maximum number of daily recipients.